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This week's Brother of the Week goes to Brother Martian Duazo for running in the Chicago marathon and being featured in the UIC Business Newsletter! Great job! #brotherhood #UIC #akpsi #etarho #botw VP of Professional Development, Joseph Lee did a great job organizing our 6th annual ProfessionaPalooza this past weekend! Here the audience was hearing from the Alumni Panel. #akspi #etarho #uic #professionapalooza This week's Brother of the Week goes to Hannah Hesslau for taking her committee out to dinner and taking over as the group leader of the Chicago Marathon philanthropy event! Thanks, Hannah! #botw #brotherhood #uic #etarho #uic #akpsi Last week's Brother of the Week went to Brother Anthony Nguyen for designing an awesome ProfessionaPalooza flier! Good job! #brotherhood #botw #uic #akpsi #etarho Eta Rho had a great brotherhood weekend! #akpsi #brotherhood #uic #etarho The brothers and pledges had a great time playing tug-o-war at brotherhood weekend! #brotherhood #akpsi #uic #unity #etarho
A Note from our President:

On behalf of the brothers of Eta Rho, I welcome you to the official site of Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity at UIC. Please feel free to browse our website to get a sense of what we do and how you can fit in with Eta Rho. Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders, and is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the nation. Alpha Kappa Psi offers opportunities for students to grow professionally, philanthropically, and socially.

I can’t imagine my college career without Alpha Kappa Psi. I joined the first semester of my freshman year and have been (healthily) obsessed with the fraternity ever since. My favorite part of Alpha Kappa Psi is the bond of brotherhood. I didn’t know much about fraternities or sororities before I joined AKPsi, so the term “brotherhood” didn’t appeal to me. Now I get it: brotherhood is a link between members of Alpha Kappa Psi that is unexplainable. We each go to great lengths to help our fellow brothers, even if we do not know them well, simply because we trust the standards Alpha Kappa Psi holds us to.

When I studied abroad, I was fortunate enough to meet with the brothers of the Sigma Upsilon Phi chapter of Manchester, University. They welcomed me with open arms, took me to dinner, watched me fail at mini golf… I had a blast! This, to me, is what Alpha Kappa Psi is all about – saying “I am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi” and having an instant sense of warmth when you hear “I am, too!” A recent Time article explained that new college grads can’t get hired because they lack basic communication skills. The article resonated with me as I realized my interpersonal skills and confidence were all gained through Alpha Kappa Psi, outside the classroom. I highly suggest to every student I meet to join at least one student organization. If you want a well-rounded experience with a focus in professionalism, Alpha Kappa Psi is the student organization for you.

Do not hesitate to contact me at president@uicakpsi.org with any questions regarding the Eta Rho Chapter.


Alpha Kappa Psi – Eta Rho (UIC)


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